Imbedded in the long tradition of Italian tailoring and fashion, Eva Ferranti stands for innovative tradition.

Timeless elegance combined with the attention to detail and modern design, creates a unique style of distinguished taste that stands out from the crowd.

Eva Ferranti offers Italian style luxury suits created from materials that have been carefully selected.

Refined hand-made finishing provides the hallmark of superior craftsmanship as well as elegance and exclusivity.

Each task in the process of creation is subject to meticulous control in order to guarantee the highest standard of quality.

So as to provide the perfect answer to your needs and expectations, Eva Ferranti has developed two lines of products:

“If you cannot learn from the past you are condemned to repeat your mistakes over and over again”
Eva Ferranti

This line is for the connoisseur, of cultivated taste. The most exclusive cloths are selected and tailored by hand to your measurements. The selected suit is made for you and you only, and thus becomes an expression of who you are.                           

Attentive to who you are, Eva Ferranti individualizes your suit according to your requirements and wishes.
You are advised in the choice of the fabrics, the linings and buttons. You partake in all decisions concerning the trimmings, the details and design of your suit, which thus become a reflection of you personality.

All phases of creation of your suit are in the old and noble tradition of hand made and strictly controlled to obtain best quality at your measurements.

Your suit is unique and in your own image.


The made to measure suits are cut and pre-assembled from pre-selected cloth. A made to measure suite is then adapted to the specific built of the customer. These suites are for the non-nonsense professional or business man who wishes to dress sharply and seeks the best value for money. The suits are built to last and remain in shape during a long period of hard wear. 

In order to meet the requirements of the modern man, Eva Ferranti has created a large range of models and styles for her collection. You will be able to find the suit that fits your personality.

The quality of a well tailored suite provides you with distinction and refined elegance. You are advised in the choice of buttons other finishing options.

Quality of garment and process of production by craftsmen is rigorously identical for both proceedings.

Distinction and class are guaranteed.