“Good tailoring allows fine cloth to move freely.”

Fine cloth is the basis for all outstanding suits.
Eva Ferranti’s suits are distinguishable by a unique fabrication style. Her label mentions “HandMadeItalianFashion” and “Fatto a Lussemburgo”.

All raw material selected by Eva Ferranti are of superior quality. Suitings - wool, cashmere, cotton - are consciously selected for their suppleness and lightness. Eva Ferranti only works with luxury textiles from the most reputable Italian mills like Ing. Loro Piana, Ermenegildo Zegna and others.

Our suits are of course fully interfaced using the most reputable horse-haircloth from Freudenberg and our lining is made of high quality Bemberg.
Quality of suitings varies from Super 120’S, Super 150’S, SUPER 180’S, 14 Milmil, 15 Milmil, to Micron 15,4.

Because the canvas and the outer cloth are not fused (i.e. glued together) but are pad stitched behind the label, they are able to move independently from each other. This makes them move more naturally.

In addition, the natural fibers allow the suit to mold to the wearer over time. This result in a better fitting and more personalized suit.
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The collar is hand made  
All openings are secured by bar tack stitching: breast pocket, pockets, cuffs, rear slits  
Pocket flaps and breast pockets are barge-shaped  
Collars and lapels are stitched by hand for more lightness  
Hand Felled lining attached with French tack  
All edges are curved and all cuff buttons are made of genuine horn  

The shoulders are steam-shaped by hand  
Jackets are fully interfaced by hand  
Waistband, pockets, zip of trousers are entirely attached by hand  
Collars and lapels are stitched by hand for more lightness  
The collar is entirely modeled by hand