Eva was always fascinated with good clothing.
In 1986 Eva turned this interest into her life’s passion, when she went to Italy to study the art of tailoring with the most demanding teachers. For more that 12 years she worked with and learnt from famous designers and the most renown brands in Fashion.

“I always knew that I would create my own line of tailored suits and develop my own business. Entrepreneurship runs in the family. My father owned a number of businesses.”

In 1999 Eva returned to Luxembourg and immediately set out to create her own boutique (Adamo & Eva). A pioneer in more than one sense, she not only introduced hand made Italian tailoring to Luxembourg, but she also opened the first shop to be reestablished in the historical Grund, a then derelict neighborhood that was in the process of being reinvigorated.

Eva became a major player in this reinvigorating process as the president of the Staater Grund, the neighborhood association that has made the Grund a center of attraction for tourists and shoppers, where each month a open air market for artists is organized. The mayor of Luxembourg only half-jokingly refers to Eva as the mayor of the Grund.